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Here we want to share with you all audio and video content related to Aiello. Our product is not a cold robot, but a warm interactive software. Watch Youtubers sharing their experience, news media reports, etc., and see how Aiello is changing the world! 

Smart Hotel | Virtual Concierge​

Hotel AioT

IoT in-room voice controls ( AC, Lights, TV, Curtain) and entertainments Deliver delightful and memorable modern guest experience

Room Service Management

Monitoring room status, staff performance and real-time guest feedback with an overview on check-in/out, do not disturb and cleaning status.  Get real insights from what your guests are saying Deep understanding of guests needs & preference for more personalised service

Virtual Concierge

24H in-room concierge specially customised for your hotel and brand Always respond to guest questions and demands with ease, speed and clarity Provide quality and consistent service for high customer satisfaction.

Voice and digital signage advertising platform

A discreet interactive in-room interface to showcase what make your hotel unique
Push info on special facilities and offerings to drive additional revenue 

Aiello supports multiple languages

Support English, Chinese and Japanese.
Speak the same language as your guests to make them feel right at home.




Many internationally renowned hotels are partnered with us – the AI digital transformation is now!

The Silks Place Tainan, The Walden Yilan Swiio Hotel Daan, Hotel Cham Cham Taipei and many more are all using our services. 

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