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Aiello Smart Voice Home Assistant – Hospitality Industry Solutions

Our AI assistant, Little Rhino, specially created for the hotel industry, uses NLP voice technology to solve various housekeeping needs. Through data-derived back-end services, Little Rhino assists businesses to unearth potential problems and analyze business strategies

I am sleek, elegant and very intelligent!

Aiello deeply understands what the hotel industry field Needs

Aiello understands travelers’ needs and problems they may encounter, enabling our AI to solve all matters big and small.

Area Search and Reccommendation

Are you still asking the front desk for local reccommendations? In this era, we ask AI!

Transportation information

Bus, trains, tube, parking information

Food recommendations

Italian cuisine, Japanese cuisine, great food in the area, bars.

Tourist spot recommendations

Tourist areas, scenic areas, fun places to visit

Local conveniences

Convenience store, post office, bank, hairdressers

Back-end digital management system

The online back-end guest management platform is able to see the wifi status and power outage status of the voice home assistant SPOT in every room, as well as the check-in and check-out status, do not disturb and cleaning status.

An overview of all the housekeeping tasks required for each guest is viewable through our platform, for example room item requests. All messages and customer complaints are also viewable in the overview, including the time at which the request was placed, which staff member was assigned to the request, and the time at which the task was completed all stored in the database.

Global broadcasting and single-room push notification notification functions can send any message that the hotel wishes to convey to guests through Little Rhino’s message board. Messages can be customized and even be designated to specific groups

Serial number, MAC, network online status, room number and software and firmware version can all be viewed in real time. System updates are automatically carried out through the cloud.

4 different levels of permissions are available, with different levels able to view different items and data and unlimited login accounts provided.

Data Packaged Service

Using big data analysis from voice conversations, it is possible to more deeply understand your customers, isolate business strengths, and make more informed business decisions.


AIOT room voice control Create an unmatched hotel experience, all just by speaking

Electric lighting

Control all the lights in the room, or try out good morning and good night modes

Air conditioning

Adjust the temperature or turn on/off, just by saying “I’m so cold!”


Open/close the curtains and blinds, or add them to good morning and good night modes for automatic adjustment


Choose TV channels, volume or on/off, just tell Little Rhino what program you want to watch!

Our Clients

The Silks Place Tainan, The Walden Yilan Swiio Hotel Daan, Hotel Cham Cham Taipei and many more are all using our services.