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Our vision

We want AI to become popularised in the space between industry and user and offer customized technology and services, enabling AI to be applied to any field in life and business. Through our solutions, we want to solve the problems of manpower shortage, and provide affordable yet high-quality services, creating new market demand

We are committed to building an open AI voice platform.

Aiello provides SaaS platform , which connects business to your clients under the AI Technique

Open voice platform

The cloud platform uses machine learning technology to customize wake words and recognize speech, noise, and environmental sounds, training the AI model to improve user experience

Deep semantic understanding

Aiello’s natural language understanding can not only provide a human-like dialogue experience in commercial contexts but also provide a highly flexible application interface with the capacity for rapid expansion and migration.

Third-party speech recognition platform

An accurate understanding of speech in a variety of business fields and scenarios, and also supports multiple languages.

Device technology

Provides diversified technical services, including sound localization relative positioning, device-pairing, peer-to-peer voice calling, group calls, automatic cloud system updates, enhanced online security mechanisms and many more services.


Aiello team value

Innovative ambition

Independent thinking

Equal communication


Vic Shen, CEO & Founder of Aiello,. He was in charge of the landing of Google Assistant in Asia and the development of Google Home when he worked in Google before founding Aiello in 2018 with its 15 core team members (80% engineers) from Qualcomm, Mediatek, HTC, VIVE and ASUS, launched its Voice Hospitality System in Taiwan.

Aiello’s core competences are the ML-NLU Semantic training in vertical scenarios, voice based user profile and modularization system integration and expansion. Vic also owns several US/China technology patents.