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Aiello assists with the intelligent transformation and upgrades with NLU Voice Solutions

Aiello Intelligent Voice is the best communication intermediary between businesses and customers, reducing customer service labour costs, collecting and analysing large amounts of information, uncovering potential business strategies.

Our Technology

Aiello develops state-of-the-art software and hardware technologies, including a next-generation AI model based on innovative multi-intent NLU (Natural Language Understanding) and an NLU deep learning framework, including the real-time voice analysis and noise reduction and creating a knowledge Graphic Database(GBD) for all industry partners to jump-start their AI tailored model. Aiello strives to deploy the NLU SaaS platform to various commercial applications, to become a global leader of this technology. 

Aiello Intelligent Voice Assistant for Hospitality

Our AI Assistant, specially created for the hotel industry, uses voice and Machine learning base NLP technology to create new interactions with guests and provide enhanced services. With data-driven back-end services, our assistant provides valuable insights for hotels to better understand their guests and streamline their operations.

Industry-leading artificial intelligence voice technology

Back-end cloud platform with real-time digital managementBig data analytics to tap into uncovered demand



In 2021 50% of companies began their digital transformation, with 35% having incorporated digitization into their overall company strategy. 

More and more companies are adopting AI technology, increasing their industrial competitiveness with Aiello. 

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